D is for Define, my dearest friends.

Define is one of my most favorite words! Define can be defined as; mark out the boundaries or limits for person place or thing, exact nature or meaning of; establish the character of person, place or thing. What an all-encompassing word for me to obsess my way to success. Normal thinkers have no idea what a disability, a mental disorder is and because we do not have physical signs of our disabilities, most people assume your disorder/disability is all in our heads.

Let’s be real, no one cares what life is like for me, you or anyone else for that matter. What is really happening in our lives is our own burden to bare.


No one would ever tell a blind person it is all in their head, why is mental health treated as though you have mental leprosy? When explaining my conditions to others, I have been told  “just get over it” or my personal favorite, “why can’t you just let it go?” My inner A-hole wants to respond…” why can’t you stop being a judgmental d bag and grow a little by having empathy for others? but then I realize it would probably be a lot easier for me to magically be normal then for Normal minded thinkers to understand the complexities of disorders. In all honesty, I don’t know why I am in a panic either and need to hide in my closet for a few hours….just me again?


I am not normal and let me save you the mystery, most likely neither are you. I see no need to fit in with people that pretend that life is perfect. 

I have spent a lifetime allowing others to define me by my subpar behavior, by my outbursts and my forgetfulness; By my high, high, highs to my low, low, lows.  I have been judged by all the Norm-know-it-alls for conditions I could neither control nor understand. I love who I am now, rollor coaster ride and all.

 Some of the smartest people in the world are a little touched by madness. Eccentric thinkers see things in a different way and what is more eccentric then mental health boys and girls?  All the king’s horses and all the king’s meds have not put this egg back together again.

 Navy seals use the term “Embracing the Suck,” sucky times are a fact of life, we better get to hugging it out. Normal thinkers rarely see outbursts as sheer panic, but panic is what they are feeling. They do not see anger as pain and need for routine as our coping methods for embracing the suck.

 If you are brave enough to disclose your disorders to the powers that be, be prepared for some blowback from them especially in a professional environment. For people with bipolar disorder, manic depressives and any of my spectrum peps, if you are plagued by PTSD, down with OCD or are crippled by ADHD, then you are defined by your disorder and although you should be able to seek help from your peers; In my experience, most people will demonize your inability to focus and define you as unqualified.

We define who we are by how we are, adaptive thinking allows us to see from altered perspectives. Normal is boring, be brave and define who you are, find your voice, find your personal truth and be the best-broken badass you can be.

Happy Healing,



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