Anxiety is No Match for the B,

My reactions have been a distraction for my entire life. Panic filled reactions have screwed me so many times I feel like we are in an abusive relationship. I lose it and panic over things that really were not worth the panic they were paved with. The fun sparks that create an unbearable experience for myself and all those present have without a doubt made my rocky road into a cliff.

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E is for Enjoying!

Whether you worry yourself to death or throw your problems to the wind, The outcome is generally out of your hands. In other words, whatever problems plaguing you, will plague you whether you sit at home and think about them for 48 hours in a row; Or go live your life and maybe go to the beach or whatever the f you northerners do to relax. Enjoy your life like a real person even when there is the trouble is choosing to enjoy your life.  I am going to try like hell to enjoy my life right now, off for margaritas, F is the treat for next week finally. 

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