Failing Fails to be Real Failure!

 When life gives you a rollercoaster ride of F-up’s you have to find a way to fail fabulously.  Failure is to be unsuccessful, to lose, to give up.

pexels-photo-2681319Failure is inevitable, we all fail in different ways and on different days, my friends. To try is to fail. After a few minutes or months when the rubble clears,  failure can inspire you to move on and move up. Allow yourself to see, everyone fails if they are doing it right. Thomas Edison is my favorite never give up guy. Edison used his many failures to make his legend real to all of us by saying,

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”
Thomas Edison


5 years ago I began to feel as if I were only meant to suffer and stopped trying. I spiraled into the numbness, surrounding me like a pill filled blanket. I rarely left my house except for when I had to work.  I stopped caring about my health, I stopped caring about my future, what future? Many moons ago, I felt I had failed at life and was faced with an oppurtunity to rebirth my vision for myself. I knew I needed a new way as my old way was killing me.  My depression overcame me and I gave up on life and resigned myself in meh, mediocrity.


My doctor suggested, again,  to try therapy. I reluctantly agreed to try yet another therapist. My last four were not good for me. I began my search and was smiled on as I booked a therapist that has changed my thinking. I met with a very strong and powerful New York lady, whos approach to therapy is my cup of tea.  Thanks to Erica’s coaching and wisdom along with the fine makers at phizer, I leave the house, I am almost nice to people…My family stares at me with less WTF in their eyes. I mean I am by no means where I want to be but hot dam! I am not where I used to be either.

Erica has helped me see that failure is only the end of the page and there are a lot of pages left in the book. Failing used to steel from my accomplishments making them bittersweet now I am grateful for the chance to try again.  Erica has helped me see that failure is only the end of the page and there are a lot of pages left in the book. Taking a page from Thomas Edison who was quoted on making the light bulb.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” ― Thomas A. Edison. 

Becoming Nik 2.0 only came from recognizing my worst moments in life as teachable moments. I am grateful for taking the chance to change my life and grow with you. Regardless of how many ways you have tried, you have to keep trying there is a better way that will work for you but only if you try. “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t.”
Thomas Edison

I have beat my need to succeed by learining from my failures. I won’t give up until I have successfully made that light bulb thank you, Tom. My many Faux pas in life created this mostly functional somewhat funny female, you read before you.

You’re welcome!

Happy Healing,




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