Judgment in our Journey!

The focus is on Judgment, My justified journeymen!


When we judge ourselves or others we tend to lose focus on what’s really important, how we act. As a person with multiple disorders. I am easily controlled by black-and-white thinking or better known as passing judgment.breaking patterns starts with recognizing the pattern and so my journey begins.

When we see things in two ways as either yes or no, right or wrong. Or as I like to say it is either “end of the world or the best damn day ever.” We lose the moment and disrupt our journey.

Black-and-white thinking has detrimental effects for me with ADHD and OCD.  We can be controlled by the yes and no thinking, not seeing many layers of gray that influence the outcome. What we should be focusing on is our journey and leave the judgment at the door.  We all come with our own problems, hang-ups, and tragedies. When we re-focus our thinking to move forward in our lives instead of obsessing over other people’s actions, we grow.

I know you are asking, how do we stop the judgmental thinking from ruining our journey? Well by taking a moment…Stop, breathe, and be mindful of it. Most of the time, there are more than two ways to consider whatever you may be judging. Try to see things from different perspectives, talk it out with a trusted friend or therapist. I find it very helpful to ask people directly what brought them to that conclusion prior to my voicing my assumption. I still have my panic moments

If you are anything like me, I am far harder on myself whether it was my fault or not. I will internalize and brutalize myself like a tough steak just pounding away obsessing over every detail. I can tell you from experience nothing good comes from internal beat downs. The best method for me is to breathe and circle back. Changing my thinking and refocusing my energy from kicking my own butt to maybe organizing the whole house, again. Go with what works for you.

Whether it’s you or someone else, who has disrupted your force. Remember to stop judging yourself too harshly on your journey, keep moving forward life will move with you. I promise when you look back on whatever has you spiraling what seemed to be life or death now seems like a fly on a windshield.

Happy healing!