The​ kaleidoscope of Karma and Kindness.

Today’s Helpful word is Karma, For All Cosmic kiddos:

Karma has 12 laws to better ourselves. To learn to cope and regain hope lets focus on Cause and effect!

grayscale photo of person pulling up woman using rope

By using Karmic law you can bring love to you, by being loving to all. If money is what you need then be generous to others. Karma and physics seem to be one and the same, using that logic, if it was true for Newton, shouldn’t it be true for us?

Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton’s law is a proven law using the imperical method. To put that into perspective, gravity is still a theory, dead on D’s serious. Empirical proof gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside its so undisputable like math on a hot summers day. People that are afflicted with ADHD cling to laws like cats on a hot tin roof. Laws, in science, are impervious to the constant weighing of every option… it is and that’s it. 

Every interaction, every moment spent thinking, doing, being, creates an equal force of energy and that energy boomerangs back to us… Karma as a concept changed my thinking forever. Talk about an elf on a shelf situation for real.

black and white chalk chalkboard conceptual Photo by Jan Kroon[/caption]


In plain words, my Karmic countrymen; What energy we send out into this world is given back to us. If negative is what you give than negative will be returned.


I know, feeling screwed? Me too my friends, but there is always time to correct who you are. Before you go shaving your head or giving all your goods to charity; Remember, life is to be lived and learned from. Do not allow 

Change the narrative in one aspect of your life, start with kindred souls treat everyone better, be respectful and kind. Ask more questions and talk about yourself less like not at all really. Once you have mastered genuine interest in others, then move on to empathy to all. Spread love like a hooker with STDs at a strip club…Be better! and life will be better for you and to you. If you fix what is broken slowly, daily like a crab in a pot not knowing it’s about to boil,  you will be karmically delicious before you know it…

Happy healing,


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