Managing My Mind…Maybe.

M is for Managing, mostly maybe!

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I have had considerable trouble with managing my mind as anyone with OCD and ADHD would. I am often in fifteen places at once, changing the channel with every thought. On a good day, I can complete eighty percent of my tasks but let’s face it, those days are far and few between.

Most of the time, I hear the old Benny Hill theme song playing in my head as I scramble to to stay focused. For those of you who are too young to get that reference, watch The Benny Hill Show very epic in its day, like Dave Chappel now.

When I walk out of a room whatever I was doing is gone, that task is forgotten. When I eventually wander back into that room. I am greeted by whatever mess I left behind, so fun.

ADHD is best described as lack of focus, often compared to someone changing the channel on you every five seconds. When multiple conversations are going on, well, I am swept up like a shoe in a storm unable to hear anything because I hear everything. I struggle to function when multitasking or when confronted constant changes.

Here’s a little tip about Ms. Nik; I can do one task extremely well, two tasks, meh it will get done, probably; three or more at once, nope did you hear that? That’s the sound of me dropping the ball.

How DO I manage my ADHD without being Miserable?

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To keep myself focused, I make a list. Writing it down has a 60% success rate for me; List everything, list like you have never listed before. My calming method is to take a moment and breathe than find that list and get to work. I remind myself, I can do one thing at a time as my mind may be going in 30 directions at once.

I talk myself through most projects. I find myself talking aloud in public lately and I find this as frightening as the people who see me do it:) I mutter my grocery list repeatedly to myself while shopping; must of left the actual list in the car…or in my purse, dang it, I know I put that list somewhere.

For my home projects, I write down the tasks that I need to do and place them where I can see them directly around where I need to do them as well as by my desk.

To prevent myself from missing appointments which I do all the damn time. I use my phone reminders, like my personal servant, to remind me about any and everything. Creating set reminders for medications, Dr appointments, and deadlines in order to avoid blowing the big one. I really need a personal assistant but as I am broke baby, the paper will have to do.  

I think the biggest lies I tell myself are; I will remember that and no I do not need any help I can do it all by myself.

My first boss was a hard ass, But she must’ve saw something in me because she helped me anyway. She did not view me as an obstacle but a challenge and she molded me with her go-to methods. Mostly Repetition always do it the same way, which saved my ass more times then pantie liners. I still use the Harris method now, thank you, lady, you helped me more than you knew.

I am focusing on moving forward in my life. Trying new methods and keeping what works for me. Whatever mechanisms you choose remember to always be kind to yourself when doing something new and to give yourself time to make it a habit. I think it doesn’t matter how you make your omelette, as long as you crack that egg.

Happy Healing 


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