E is for Enjoying!

E is for Enjoy, Eager Beavers, Enjoy the moment.

Every day we are faced with challenges, some make us better while some rip our insides out and throw them on the ground. The little things, whether it’s the sun on your face or starlight at night, the feel of love in your life. These incredibly simple yet truly fulfilling moments make the bad taste, bittersweet. I know that every day I am blessed and I Choose to enjoy my life and myself, flaws and all.

I say take time every day, to enjoy your life, time to look around and be happy. Time to evolve to what you want to be as a fellow human.

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

Enjoy the journey, enjoy your personal growth and mostly, enjoy pissing off the people who want you to be unhappy because they refuse to embrace life and enjoy the little things…

We get one ride people and coming from someone who has wasted too much of it. I am saying what I wish someone had said to me. “Fk-it-al Nik, whether you worry yourself to death or throw your problems to the wind, The outcome is generally out of your hands. ”

Whatever problems you have are going to be there whether you sit at home and think about them for 48 hours in a row like I do; Or go live your life and maybe go to the beach or whatever the f you northerners do to relax. Enjoy your life, even when the trouble is, choosing to enjoy your life.  I am going to try like hell to enjoy my life right now, off for margaritas, finally.

Happy healing,



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