Quality Over Quantity For The Quintessential Me.

Now lets Q it up with a quirky and Questionable letter. That’s right, my quality people it is Q and it’s for you. The word for today is Quintessential. as in the most perfect version.

I keep thinking how do I move forward in my life? How do I stop questioning why and begin to find better-coping methods to get around these f-ed up moments in my life? .. How do I move forward in a sea of suck, which is now just the soup I swim in?

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How can I be the best possible version of myself, The quintessential me?




Good question, again I have no freaking idea how to continually make me better, most days is a 3 step back two forward effort but there is effort so that’s something. Life sucks and when you have emotional setbacks even for a neurotypical it can be life-altering.  Add in my bipolar rollercoaster brain and you have a recipe for disaster on an average day let alone a bad one. all I can do is keep plugging along and apologizing for my manic moments until my breath leaves my body because I will never stop trying to be the best I can! I say F you to my craziness enough is enough.

I will start by picking Quality over quantity making me better and downsizing my bad habits. To begin fixing the inside I am going to start with the outside. My first goal is to shed all the quantity of crap that seems to stack up. Shed the lbs that have hung on too long. Shed my worries and my woes and trade them in for who knows. Shed all the extra nonsense that makes life harder and focus more on what makes life better. Letting go of what I cannot control is hardest of all but its time. I plan to respect myself, our world and others.


No more over-anything with more is more mentality, says me. I have reached an age where less is more and what truly matters cannot be bought. Time to say goodbye to all the chaos and get back to what truly matters, by basically unloading half my crap on others.

I know what I want, a life of travel, helping others and giving back. I want to be better than I used to be and that begins with me.



Happy Healing,







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