Time to Relax, Reflect and Release.

Time to Release my Readers!

 I have that tightness in my belly feeling. The anxious repetitive sinking feeling like I could vomit soon. One of my favorite quotes to live by “I cannot create peace in the world, but I can create peace in my world (unknown).” 

I can see the recipe for disaster as we sit and stew!

Let’s start with a base of severe anxiety. Add in the COVID crisis, mixed with news overloading us with the said crisis. Stir in lack of toilet paper and paper towels for some godforsaken reason. 2 tablespoons of Pepper on 1000’s of people being out of work, health care workers not having the correct PPE. lastly, mix all together with the lack of respirators for patients, oh and lest we forget the four hurricanes heading our way…

I have been doing so well with monitoring my moods keeping a daily log of moods. Charting agitation, monitoring highs, and lows. Practicing mindful mediation and staying scheduled. I was feeling above the curve…

I had almost forgotten what panic feels like. Now thanks to the COVID crisis, I am remembering like it was yesterday.

Working in health care during the COVID crisis has definitely added to my stress as I have to keep a brave face for patients, while inside, I’m ready for a shower scene like the movie “Deliverance” after work. Oh how I wish I had saved for that decontamination shower.

Your probably asking, “what the R are you talking about?” I’m talking about releasing all of your anxiety even for a moment.

I relax, reflect and release as needed. Right now release is needed repeatedly.

I relax, take a step back and focus more on why I am feeling that way. More often than not it’s lack of control that gets me going down reaction road.

I Reflect on what is most important to me, to remind myself of my end game. Because this will be over someday and I need to recognize that this too shall pass. 

Then I Release all that anxiety that is standing in my way. by using TFT coping in combination with breathing techniques. I say goodbye to my repeated thoughts. If that doesn’t work I pop Xanax like tic tac’s until the obsession stops. Hey, we all have our coping mechanisms…

We are all on the Titanic together please stay safe and home.


Happy healing!






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